The Vedantha Sutras with Sri Bhaashya - Vol-2
Author:  Prof. M. Rangacharya & Sri. M B Varadraja Aiyangar
Language:   English
No of Pages:   568
The original Writer of this Work is Sri Raamaanujaachaarya who wrote Sri Bhaashya a commentary on the Vedantha Sutras of Sage Badarayana in Sanskrit. Sri Raamaanuja's Sri Bhaashya is an exposition of Visistaadvaitha which represents a particular school of Vedantic thought. The Author says that even Sri Shankaraachaarya himself has taken cognizance of this thought in his writings and there is evidence to show that it must have come down in the form of an unbroken tradition from ancient times. For translation the Authors have considered the Madras edition of Sri Bhaashya in Telugu characters, which they say is more accurate than the other editions. Although the style of Sri Bhaashya is argumentative, controversial, terse and technical, the Authors have have tried to make the translation smooth and intelligible without sacrificing its faithfulness to the original. This is a very good book on the Sri Bhaashya for English speaking people. It is quite thought provoking and enjoyable. There are 3 volumes and this book is Volume-2.
Domain:  Hinduism
Category:  Vedantha Sutras
Sub Category:  Sri Bhashya
Publisher Name:  The Educational Publishing Co. Nungambakkam, Madras - 6
Published Year:  1964