Tatva Traya
Author:  Parthasarathy Iyengar S
Language:   English
No of Pages:   248
The original Writer of this book is Pillai Lokaachaarya who wrote this in Tamil. The Author Sr S Parthasarathy Iyengar has translated this into English for the benefit of people with the knowledge of English language. The Tatva-Traya consists of Chit (Atma, Soul, Self, Ego, Intelligent), Achit (non-intelligent, prakruthi) and Iswara (God, Srimannaraayana). The Author has described the above in detail in English to enable Hindus and also other than the Hindus, using appropriate English words so that others can understand the principles of Tatva-Traya. He has also compared the Dravidian Hindu philosophy with that of others. A very interesting book for the seekers.
Domain:  Hinduism
Category:  Srivaishnavism
Sub Category: 
Publisher Name:  Sreshtalur Viraraghava Chariar, Triplicane, Madras
Published Year:  0000