Bibliography Visistaadvaita Works - Vol-I
Author:  Lakshmithathachar M A
Language:   English
No of Pages:   480
This work consisting of 2 volumes was researched by collecting information with regard to the subject on various works, palm leaves and paper manuscripts, by the scholars of the editorial team of the Academy of Sanskrit Research, Melkote under the guidance and supervision of the Author who is the Chief Editor. In this Bibliography of Vistaadvaita Works, the prasthana traya as interpreted by Sri Raamaanujachaarya are included together with other Visistaadvaita works including stotras etc. The Vol 1 of Upanishads, Brahmasutraas, Bhagavad Gita, Manuals of Polemimical Works and Kaavyaas. The Vol 2 consists of Itihaasa, Puraana, Stotra, Mahaatmyaas, Divya Prabandha, Rahasaya Granthas, Historical Works and Other Miscellaneous Works. Printed works are listed first and works in manuscripts are listed next in both the volumes.
Domain:  Srivaishnavism
Remarks:  The Author was Chief Editor
Category:  General
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Publisher Name:  The Academy of Sanskrit Research, Melkote
Published Year:  1988