Author:  Areyar Srinivasayyangarya
Language:   Kannada
No of Pages:   20
This book written by the Author is translated from Tamil to Kannada. The unique feature of this book is that instead of retaining Tamil language in Kannada alphabets as normally seen in several books, the Author has literally translated Tamil paasurams by Andaal to Kannada poetry using Kannada language and alphabets. The Tiruppaavai consists of 30 paasurams created by Sri Godadevi or Andaal who is one of the Alwaars of Draavida Srivaishnava sect. These pasurams are fully sung on special occasions and during Dhanur month, one pasuram is sung every day and hence 30 paasurams in a month of 30 days. Also some paasurams are sung everyday during the nitraanusandhaanam. This book will surely be liked by Kannada speaking Srivaishnavas who choose to sing the song completely in Kannada language.
Domain:  Srivaishnavism
Category:  Stotram
Sub Category: 
Publisher Name:  Vishadavaak Prakaashana, Melkote
Published Year:  1993