Author:  Jaggu Alwar Iyengar
Language:   Sanskrit
No of Pages:   291
This poetry written by the erudite Sanskrit scholar and the Author is considered to be a Mahaakaavya consisting of 15 cantos. It draws its theme from the Udyogaparva of Mahaabhaarata. The role of Sri Krishna as a messenger of Paandavaas to moderate between them and the Kauravaas is depicted in this book. The poem begins with the mention of the completion of Ajnaathavaasa by Paandavaas, marriage of Abhimanyu and arrival of Sri Krishna and Balaraama to see Paandavaas. The Author has followed the style of Kaalidaasa in richness, diction and imagery. Sri Krishna is depicted as an avataara of Vishnu. The Author has employed a number of Alankaaraas in the poem. He has excelled in Virodhaabhaasa. His command over the Sanskrit language is remarkable. His diction is not too pedantic nor too simple. People with Sanskrit knowledge will really love this book.
Domain:  Literature
Category:  Poetry
Sub Category: 
Publisher Name:  Sri Jaggu Vakulabhushanam, Malleswaram, Bangalore 3
Published Year:  1968