Tapasa Vatsaraaja Naatakam
तापस वत्सराज नाटकम्
Author:  Aasuri Anandalwar Sampathkumaara Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamy
Language:   Sanskrit
No of Pages:   190
This classic book edited from manuscript, which was available in a library in Germany, was procured by the Author who scrutinized , edited and published it. This book was will known in early times had vanished from the reach of recent scholars. However students of Sanskrit knew of this book only through a stray reference or quotation in ancient works on Sanskrit poetics, This story is from pretty and popular love story which is written in facile literary skill. Now this is placed before the world of critics, to diagnose its merits and asses its values both literary and historic, This is a good read for the lovers of Sanskrit literature.
Domain:  Literature
Category:  Drama/Play
Sub Category: 
Publisher Name:  Sri Yathiraja Sampathkumara Raamaanuja muni, Melkote
Published Year:  1929