Shri Kuvalayaananda Chandrika Chakora
श्री कुवलयानन्द चन्द्रिका चकॊर
Author:  Jaggu Venkatacharya (Baladhanvi)
Language:   Sanskrit
No of Pages:   405
According to Prof. Kuppaswami Sastri, the Author has written this book as a critical review of Panditharaaja Jagannatha's version and is against Appayya Dikshita's views in his criticism of the defective part of this book. He has saiid that the Author has given sufficient evidence of his intensive study of important classics in the Alankaara Shaastra and has a high acumen about classics. Prof. C R Narasimha Shastri has said that "It deals with a celebrated work on figures of speech studied in almost every province of India. Written in a lucid style, it contains many references to number of advanced works in the field of Sanskrit Rhetoric. Its study is sure to stimulate the spirit of critical enquiry which is generally dormant in most of Sanskrit students especially of the old type".. Sanskrit lovers will surely love this book by the great Mandayam Author.
Domain:  Literature
Category:  Poetry
Sub Category: 
Publisher Name:  Sri Baladwani Jaggu Venkatacharya, Melukote
Published Year:  1940