Sri Yatheendra Pravana Prabhavaha
Author:  Baladwani Jaggu Venkatacharya
Language:   Sanskrit
No of Pages:   157
The original Writer of this book is Sri Pillai Lokaachaarya Jeeeyar who wrote this in Manipravala Dravida Bhasha. “Yathindra Pravana Prabhavam” is an ancient work on the biography of “Sri Manavala Mamunigal” written by Swamy Pillai Lokam Jeeyar, (a shishya of Manavala Mamunigal) around 16th Century A.D. It covers the lives of Swamy Nampilai, Pillai lokachariar, Azhagiya Perumal Nayanar, Thiruvaimozhi Pillai and Swamy Manavala Mamunigal. This also includes 24,000 padi, and birth of 36,000 padi, This book is the authenticated document of various important events that took place during the life times of acharyas of our Sath Samprdhayam. The Author who is from Melukote, is a well known Scholar knowing many languages has tranlsated this into Sanskrit. Unfortunately only 140 pages of this book was available and hence this book will be updated when full text of the book is received from some source.
Domain:  Srivaishnavism
Category:  General
Sub Category: 
Publisher Name:  Sri Raamanaaraayana Chaarya, Buxor
Published Year:  1958