Yen Kanmun Vandhu Nee Vilayadu Kanna
Author:  Thirunarayanan Mandayam Osuri
Language:   English
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The Author Dr. M.O. Thirunarayanan from Miami, was returning home in July, 2013 on a cross-country red-eye flight after visiting us in California, when the lyrics for this beautiful, endearing song on Baby Krishna just started flowing effortlessly in his mind. Over the next few years, he worked with his cousins Smt. Rangu Mandyam, Smt. Vasanthi Sankaran and Sri. Partha Mandayam helped edit the lyrics and used a Ragamalika approach to set the lyrics to music. The Author's niece Smt. Saraswathi Narasimhan also set the lyrics to music in Raag Revathi. Two other cousins who helped as members of the team are Sri. M.O. Parthasarathy and Smt. Rama Thirumalachar. Smt. Vasanthi Sankaran enthusiastically provided the final push needed to complete the task. Today the 10th Sep 2020 is the Sri Krishna Jayanthi and the Author sends this message to share a song “Yen Kanmun Vandhu Nee Vilayadu Kanna.” The English translation of the title of the Tamil song is “Come in front of my eyes and play, Kanna.” The song is the result of collaborative work by a group of members of the Mandayam community. The lyrics are in Tamil language in English script. The lyrics, and renderings of the song by the Author's cousins and niece, are available at: The Author says that "If you like the song, please sing it in your own way and send the recording to Partha Mandayam ( along with your permission to share it with others, and he will upload it to his website where other renderings of the song are also available. I hope a lot of people sing the song, especially during Sri Krishna Jayanthi celebrations. I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all my cousins and my niece for their help. Please feel free to share the song with your family members and friends". We hope you will enjoy reading the lyrics and listening to the different renditions of this song above. May Srikrishna bless you all for ever.
Domain:  Srivaishnavism
Remarks:  The lyrics, and renderings of the song by the Author's cousins and niece, are available at:
Category:  Poetry
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Publisher Name:  Dr. M O Thirunarayanan, USA
Published Year:  2013