The Untapped Wealth of Manuscripts on Indian Astronomy and Mathematics
Author:  Srinivas M. D.
Language:   English
No of Pages:   31
Among the ancient Indian Sciences, Astronomy and Mathematics occupy a prime position along with the Sciences of Language and Health. All these Sciences are distinguished by an extensive textual tradition which goes back to the Vedic period and the tradition continued to flourish till at least the middle of the nineteenth century. A large part of the great manuscript wealth of India pertains to these and other sciences and technologies, which have played a crucial role in the history of our civilisation. Unlike in the case of other ancient sciences, the vast corpus of manuscripts in Astronomy and Mathematics has been extensively surveyed and documented during the last fifty years, mainly due to the painstaking efforts of the eminent scholars Samarendra Nath Sen (1918-1992), Krishna Venkateswara Sarma (1919-2006) and David Pingree (1933-2005). We shall make use of their documentation to present (i) an estimate of the vast corpus of source-works in Indian Astronomy and Mathematics, and (ii) an assessment of what has been accomplished by modern scholarship over the last two centuries by way of editing and translating some of these source-works with a view to comprehend and elucidate their technical (mathematical-astronomical) content. The Author has referred to considerable documents before writing this book. Very interesting!!
Domain:  Ancient Science / Shastra
Category:  Astronomy and Mathematics
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Publisher Name:  Centre for Policy Studies, Chennai
Published Year:  2019