Timeless India Resurgent India
Author:  Srinivas M. D.
Language:   English
No of Pages:   96
Indian Civilization has a long history, perhaps the longest amongst the great civilizations of the world. Through most of her history, India has seen herself and has been seen by others as the land of great wealth and even greater wisdom. The recent experience of alien rule seems to have led to a certain loss of pride in India. Indians, particularly the metropolitan elite Indians, have lost sight of not only the civilizational greatness of India but also of her natural abundance. Once our memory is restored, and we begin to form a proper appreciation of our geography and history, we shall certainly begin to undertake the task of reviving the affluence and wisdom of India in earnest. This book and the exhibits it depicts have been prepared for the Swadeshi Industrial Fair which was held in the city of Coimbatore as part of the ongoing Swadeshi Movement. The Authors have taken great pain in obtaining information and display in the book along with the texts which is highly interesting. This book is suggested for every Indian who loves his mother land and appreciates the way India has conducted itself for many millenniums by giving the World science, technology and more importantly the wisdom and the way of living.
Domain:  India
Category:  Fact Book
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Publisher Name:  Dr. J. K Bajaj for Centre for Policy Studies, Chennai
Published Year:  2013