Proshitha Priyasamaagama
ಪ್ರೋಷಿತ ಪ್ರಿಯಸಮಾಗಮ
Author:  Narasimhacharya S. G.
Language:   Kannada
No of Pages:   14
The Author has translated this book from Oliver Goldsmith's 'The Hermit' English Book to Kannada. This is a romantic (Sringaara Rasa) poem depicting the love between a Girl and a Boy. However, she refused to marry him either because she was rich or because her mind was not made up yet. The Boy became sad and started living like a hermit in the forest. Later on the Girl felt sorry for him and wanted to marry the Boy as started searching for him everywhere in the forest and one fine day met him. This is a beautiful translation of a beautiful poem. This book was first published in 1897, reprinted in 1916 and since then was not available in public domain. Dr. T. V Venkatachala Sastry, Professor of Kannada, Institute of Kannada Studies, Manasa Gangothri, Mysore, searched for this book and republished this as a part in his book on the Author.
Domain:  Literature
Category:  Poetry
Sub Category: 
Publisher Name:  Dr. T. V. Venkatachala Sastry, Mysuru
Published Year:  0000