Srimadraamaayanavu - Baala Kaanda
ಶ್ರೀಮದ್ರಾಮಾಯಣವು - ಕಾಂಡ
Author:  Devashikamani Alasingracharya
Language:   Kannada
No of Pages:   0
Srimadraamaayana is one of the great epics of Hinduism. The Baala Kaanda is the 1st Volume and one of the main episodes. The Baala Kaanda narrates Srimadraamaayana from the beginning. The story starts with Sri Brahma blessing the Sage Vaalmeeki for writing the Srimadraamaayana. Then the sage collects the material of the story which consists of description of Ayodhya, putra kaamesti yaga, birth of Sri Rama and his brothers, their learning of Archery from Sage Viswaamitra, killing of many Rakshasas, Seethadevi Swayamvara, Marriage of Rama and Brothers, fighting Sri Parashuraama and going back to Ayodhya. The Author has translated Sri Vaalmeeki Maharshi's original Sanskrit version to Kannada in a simple but elegant style, for the benefit of Kannadigas.
Domain:  Hinduism
Category:  Puraana
Sub Category:  Raamaayana
Publisher Name:  R. Venkateswara & Sons Co. Mylapore, Madras 4
Published Year:  1912