Seminar on Contribution of Sri, Nadadur Ammal to Indian Philosophy

Author:  Lakshmithathachar M A
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Prof.Dr. M.A.Laksmi Thathachar Swami, President, Samskriti Foundation, Mysore gave a lecture on Sri. Nadadur Ammal, who ordained Shrutha Prakasha during a Seminar organised by Sri Vishnu Mohan Foundation. Nadathur Ammal is a SriVaishnava Acharya. Nadathur Ammal, considered a "Lion" in the midst of Elephants – for his SriBashya erudition – is known to have showered motherly affection towards Perarulalan – Lord Varadarajan of Kanchi. Even today a ceiling mural depicting Nadathur Ammal in conversation with his disciples can be seen behind the sanctum of Lord Varadaraja. The noble Professor explains the importance of Shrutha Prakasha, which is part of Sribhaashya by Nadadoor Ammal (1165–1275 A.D.) He was a scion of the Nadadoor clan. As the grandson of the great Acharya Nadadoor Azhwan, he was one of the foremost scholars in Sri Vaishnava philosophy, and was deeply devoted to Lord Varadaraja. His utmost devotion towards Lord Varadaraja earned him epithet “Ammal”, when moved by his motherly affection, the Lord Himself addressed him as “Mother!”.
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Publisher Name:  Sri Vishnu Mohan Foundation, T-Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017
Published Year:  2016