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Author:  Lakshmithathachar M A
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Prof. Dr. Sri Lakshmi Thathachar Swamy was a legendary Sanskrit scholar and irreplaceable figure in Mysore. He passed away suddenly due to Covid. His teachings will live on with us for generations to come. His passing makes the work of documenting the great scholars of Mysore all the more important. Mysore India holds many secrets. The roots of much of the yoga practiced in modern times can be found there. Mysore Yoga Traditions is a sincere conversation between the international yoga community and the Sanskrit Community of Mysore about yoga, spirituality and life. We are dedicated to bringing high quality educational opportunities to the world and to preserving the great knowledge that exists in the older generations of scholars in Mysore India. We feel passionately that we can offer an education in yoga that cannot be obtained elsewhere. By listening to many great yogis and scholars speaking about yoga we can get a very clear idea of yoga philosophy and the world view that goes along with yoga through direct transmission from elders, scholars, yogis and spiritual leaders from Mysore India
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Publisher Name:  Mysore Yoga Traditions
Published Year:  2021