Mitravinda Govinda Naataka
ಮಿತ್ರಾವಿಂದ ಗೋವಿಂದ ನಾಟಕ
Author:  Narasimhacharya S G & Ramanuja Iyengar M A
Language:   Kannada
No of Pages:   94
Sri Singaraya, a brother of Tirumalarya II, who was in the court of Mysuru Maharaja Sri Chikkadevaraaya, wrote Mitravinda Govinda in 1680, the earliest available classical drama in Kannada. Singararya was a Srivaishnava Brahmin of Koushika Gotra, It is a play inspired by the Sanskrit drama Ratnavali ("Pearl necklace") by King Harsha of Kannauj. The drama has 4 parts and is a mixture of prose and poetry and reflects the skill and scholarship. The story is about the romance between Vasudeva Krishna and Mitravinde daughter of King of Avathi Jaytsena. She was one of the 8 queens of Sri Krishna. The Authors of this book, scrutinised the manuscripts, edited and published this book.
Domain:  Literature
Category:  Dramaturgy
Sub Category: 
Publisher Name:  Karnataka Kaavyamanjari, Mysuru
Published Year:  1903