Chaturaasya Nigantu
ಚತುರಾಸ್ಯ ನಿಘ೦ಟು
Author:  Narasimhacharya S G & Ramanuja Iyengar M A
Language:   Kannada
No of Pages:   29
The Authors of this book say that this work was written by poet Chaturaasya as per the 4th stanza of this poem. However, since it contains many other poet's names, the Authors believe that the Writer of this works could be Poet Thipparasa. It is not known when these Poets were in the history. This book was created by the Authors based on three manuscripts which have different number of stanzas. This book contains 137 stanzas as per one of the manuscript. Last 3 stanzas are not listed in other manuscripts.
Domain:  Literature
Category:  Poetry
Sub Category: 
Publisher Name:  Karnataka Kaavya Manjari, Mysuru
Published Year:  0000