Vunnai Yen Nenjil Vaazha Vittaen Krishna
Author:  Thirunarayanan Mandayam Osuri
Language:   English/Tamil
No of Pages:   0
The Author Dr. Mandayam Osuri Thirunarayanan from Miami, USA, has written the lyrics for this song on Lord Krishna. The song is sung in raag Mishra Shivaranjani by Sri Partha Mandayam and Smt. Saraswathi Narasimhan. The lyrics were modified by the Author and the Singers to suit the tune adopted by them. The the song is a devotional song in Tamil language, script of the lyrics being in English. The Author hopes that many people will like this song and will sing the song, especially during Sri Krishna Jayanthi celebrations. Feel free to share the song with your family members and friends. The Author hopes that the readers will enjoy reading the lyrics and listening to this song. May Sri Krishna bless you all forever.
Domain:  Religions
Category:  Music
Sub Category:  Karnataka
Publisher Name:  M. O.Tirunarayanan
Published Year:  2023