Sri Hanuman Bhajan
Author:  Thirunarayanan Mandayam Osuri
Language:   English/Tamil
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The Author Dr. Mandayam Osuri Thirunarayanan from Miami, USA, has written the lyrics for this song/hymn on Sri Hanuman. The Hymn is sung by Sri Partha Mandayam and Smt. Saraswathi Narasimhan. The song is a devotional song in Tamil language, script of the lyrics being in English. Located on the steps of Lord Parthasarathy temple's tank in Triplicane (Thiru Alli Keni), Madras, is a small Hanumaar Temple. Over the years this Hanumaar has gained popularity and reputation as the God who helps people find things they have misplaced or lost. This bhajan is devoted to this Lord Hanumaar. The Author hopes that this song/hymn by the Author is liked and appreciated by many people. Feel free to share the song with your family members and friends. The Author hopes that the readers will enjoy reading the lyrics with meanings and listening to this song/hymn. May Sri Hanumaar bless you all forever. Lyrics of the Bhajan, With Line By Line Meaning Thiru Alli Keniyin Padiyil Irukkum Hanumaane, (Lord Hanuman, who is on the steps of the temple's tank in Triplicane) Bhakthiudan Seviththaal VunakkArul Tharuvaane, (He will shower his grace on you if you worship him with devotion) Neivedhyam Samarpiththaal Vun Udavikku Varuvaane, (If you offer him food, he will come to your aid) Thavaraana Idaththil Vaitha Porulai Kaanbippaane (He will let you see the items that you have misplaced) Tholaindha Porulai Kandupidikka Vaikkum Bhagavaane, (He will make you find things that were lost) Vun Pughazhay Ellorrukkum Paadi Sholla Vendumay, (Your glory should be sung and told to everone) Thiru Alli Keniyin Padiyil Irukkum Hanumaane. (Lord Hanuman, who is on the steps of the temple's tank in Triplicane)
Domain:  Religions
Category:  Poetry
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Publisher Name:  Tirunarayan Mandayam Osuri
Published Year:  2024