Paadmasamhithaa Part-2
పాద్మసంహితా ద్వితీయ సంపుటః
Author:  Aasuri Anandalwar Sampathkumaara Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamy
Language:   Telugu
No of Pages:   596
Paadma Samhita is the Satvic part of Paancharaatra Aagamas coming under Vaisnava Agamas. The book contains 4 paadas, in two volumes. The first part Jnana-pada contains 12 chapters in which the nature of the world and its relationship to the creator-God, His abode, Jagat, means of attaining that goal, the cause of Samsara and nature of Moksa and all metaphysical, ontological and teleological purposes are discussed. In short it is a treatise on the metaphysical cum cosmological study of this system. The second part Yoga-paada, in five chapters, deals with the means of attaining the chief goal of life the Moksa. The third part, Kriya-paada contains thirty-two chapters in which-from the selection of the site for the construction of the temple to the Installation of Sri Vigraha in the Sanctum Sanctorum, (Garbhagryha), positions of devathas in Temple Complex etc. including worship in the house-hold. The fourth part Kaarya Paada in 33 chapters includes charts in relation to the placement of Kalashas (pots), various types of Mudras used in the worship of God. The first work with the title " Padmatantram " was first published by Yogi Parthasarathi Aiyengar of Snrangapattanam in the year 1891 at Mysore in Telugu Script in one volume. The current Author published the same work in two parts in Telugu Script in 1924. Part one contains, Gnana, Yoga and Kriya paadas and Part two the Kaarya Paada. This is Part 1 of the book. This book is Part 2 of the 2 Parts.
Domain:  Hinduism
Category:  Samhitha
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Publisher Name:  Sri Yathiraja Sampathkumara Ramanujamuni, Melkote
Published Year:  1924