Life of Saint Anantarya
Author:  Sampathkumaran M. R.
Language:   English
No of Pages:   101
The Author has based this book on Sri Anantarya-mahima-katha-sangraham by Anadanpillai Srirangacharya of Purusai who lived about 150 years back and who is a lineal descendant of Sri Anantarya. The book consists of six chapters with five appendices. The 4th chapter prescribes the mode of reciting the vazhi-tirunamam of Sri Anantarya. The 5th chapter consists of five gitas in the praise of Sri Ramanuja, Sri Anantarya, other Acharyas and Goddess Padmavati. This is the composition of Srirangacharya himself. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd appendices are compositions of a much earlier date than the work of Srirangacharya. The English version consists of 24 chapters at the rate of one chapter to each incident whether long or short. The incidents referred to in Chapters 17 and 18 are from " Sri Venkatachala Itihasa Mala " and Vartha, Malai ". The Hindi version translated by Sri G. Sachchidananda is based on the English version. Sri Anantarya was born in Kirangur in Karnataka in the family of Mandayam Iyengars and there are considerable number of families belonging to his lineage.
Domain:  Historical
Category:  Biography
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Publisher Name:  M.R Sampathkumaran
Published Year:  1942